We have been committed to research and development of machinery and equipment based on high frequency and high frequency machines. At present, there are several engineers who are proficient in mechanical principles, debugging and operation.            

      We will continue to work on the development and manufacture of high frequency equipment for the purpose of production of plastic products to obtain appropriate production processes and processes, improve equipment automation and production efficiency.

High frequency machine development history:

       1.   From   the manual sliding table high-frequency welding machine   to   the automatic sliding table high-frequency welding machine.; 

       2.  From   high frequency plastic welding machine   to   high frequency synchronous fusing machine

       3.  From   manual button high frequency plastic welding machine   to   PLC touch screen control high frequency plastic welding machine

       4.  From   5557 electronic tube anti-fire set   to   self-developed electronic board spark controller

       5.  From   the C type frame   to   the four column frame

       6.  From   ...   to   ...